Monday, February 8, 2010

It's All In The Numbers (and in the Stars)

The store was a busy busy place this weekend. I personally am a wierd combination of creativity and number crunching and this weekend was pretty much a perfect balance of my two sides. I LOVED all the people and friends that came through and took classes, congratulated us on our anniversary milestone and just joined in the fun and chit-chatted. ADORED seeing all the completed projects that as always people modified to make their own masterpieces. SMILED uncontrollably at the number of people that came in this weekend.

Here are some of the other numbers that are floating (almost skipping) in my head.
- ONE marvelous Lindsay Moore and ONE wonderful Wanda
- TWO years in business :>) :>)
- THREE Cosmo classes with over SIXTY students
- TEN friendly ladies who cropped with us
- HUNDREDS of give aways
- HUNDREDS of sales
- THOUSANDS of laughs, hugs and moments of complete happiness

Thanks to everyone for making my business and personal goal of a successful store that feels like "Cheers" a place where everyone can come in and know each other and have fun come true!! Big hugs to JEAN for putting it all together with Cosmo Cricket. Another big hug for the entire Paper Vineyard staff team that work so hard to make the store a special place.

Blessings from me (who is still counting hers),

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