Tuesday, April 27, 2010

BFF in Teal & Orange

PV is hosting a girl's birthday party on Saturday. The girls are going to make a Friend book and the birthday girl requested teal and orange. Love it!!! Below is the mess I made to create the mini-album. I was here late, making a mess and five Cricut cartridges later a finished product.

She and all her birthday party friends are going to love putting this one together with their photos. One thing I do love about this generation is with digital cameras and fancy cell phones absolutely everyone can capture those friend moments. Laughter, smiles and pure joy for life. Hope the final product does wonders to show off their sunshine.


  1. That is great! The girls are SURE to have a blast!!!

  2. Thanks!!! Miss Fitter Twit you won a drawing here in the store for our anniversary. There is a gift certificate for 20 bones here for you. come in and spend your mula!!