Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cantagious Copic

Jennie Black taught us techniques using the amazing Copic Markers to a room full of ladies. Loved it! Sometimes technique classes can be so overwhelming but the normal brain overload was counter balanced by the pure enjoyment of "look what this darn marker does!" Lots of learning, practicing and oohs-aahs. As you can see from the following photos, it was almost all business. Heads down...listening...and trying to soak up all of Jennie's knowledge.

Well maybe these two ladies took a little time to enjoy the atmoshpere and smile in the class but of course look at all the Copic markers they already have in front of them :)

A big thank you to Jenn Dove pictured here on the left for helping with the class. Jenn will be teaching one of our next Copic classes on 8/28. Check out our website for more info and photos of her technique card class. Another big thank you to Lois (pictured in the middle) for loaning me her memory card to download all these great photos. Thanks to Cindy for not shooting either of them with the super amazing compressor.
Copics are finally here at PV and I look forward to coloring the world with all of you! Especially now that I know if I blow it and go outside the lines I can fix it.

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