Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Easy Peasy Card

When I talk to people about my owning a store I always get comments on how expensive paper crafting can be. Guess what....it can be! Not a shocker to anyone else who has piles of paper, swarms of stamps and barrels of embellishments. However, sometimes it is very satisfying to make something simple...something easy peasy out of basics. Here are the basics that I used - my paper trimmer, glue arts adhesive, file, quarter, scissors, scrap paper from another project and metal do-hickeys (for the life of me can not remember the name of them but they have been in my stash of goodies for years).

When you are just starting out and don't own all the gadgets or are in need of a card and only want to work with your scraps and what is on hand. That my friends is a call for an Easy Peasy project. Here is my final project.

OK...here is my easy peasy recipe...pay close attention to my fancy schmancy directions. Cut, cut, crumple, crumple, snip, snip, ink, ink, roll, roll and layer layer.

I purchased the sheets from Graphic 45's new line "Once Upon A Springtime" that were calling my name as soon as they came in the store. I have been working on a layout with my niece's photo. I had scraps from four different pages and the tag sheet.

Here is the recipe broken down with a little further instructions.
1)Cut the card frame to the standard A2 size, 4.25" x 5.5"
2)Crumpled a smaller piece 4" x 5.25" and a 1" x 5". Use a basic nail file to help you crumple the edges.
3)Snip out the flowers from one of the pages. Love my cuttle bee scissors with sharp point to help cut out images.
4)Ink it all with a brown ink pad that everyone should have in their standard tool bag.
5)Pushed two metal do-hickeys through the strip of paper. I used a quarter to roll down the prongs through the opposite side of the page. Didn't have a special tool at home and the quarter was on hand and since it has grooves on the side it was really easy to roll the prongs down with out tearing paper.

6)Mounted a tag from the paper onto a scrap piece of chipboard. I didn't have any ribbon at home so cut a small piece from a Fall decoration that was staring at me in the face while I was working on card.
7)Layered everything up until it looked marvelous and glued it all together.

Love Easy Peasy...good for the budget and makes me feel like I made a little magic out of goodies on hand. It's like a challenge....and I kicked a little card-making bootie.

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