Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Acetate Goodie Box Tutorial

Hey everyone! Danielle a.k.a. FitterTwit here bringing you the acetate box tutorial as promised. It is REALLY easy, once you make the first one, the rest are a SNAP!!!
You will need:
  • Super Sticky Tape (red tape can be found in 1/8th, 1/4 and 1/2" sizes, I used 1/2")
  • Two 3" x 3" paper (I used patterned and solid papers, you all KNOW we have a ton of that!!! LOL!)
  • Acetate measuring 3.5" x 8.25" scored every 2 and 7/8" (leaving a small section that will be secured with sticky tape)
  • Hole punch (I used the Crop-o-dile)
  • Ribbon
  • Ultra fine tip marker (I used a Sharpie)

First, score both 3" x 3" papers 1/2" in on all sides of BOTH. On parallel sides, cut on score lines JUST TO the intersecting score line creating a tab. Fold up all sides and secure tabs to box sides using sticky tape. Do this for both and you now have a bottom and a lid to your goodie box.

Place a strip of sticky tape along the OUTSIDE, bottom edge of the scored acetate and along the OUTSIDE edge of the thin strip (see pic below). Fold acetate to create a box and adhere inside one of the folded 3" x 3" papers, or the base to your box. You now have the bottom and the body for your goodie box. Now to secure the lid.

Take your lid and punch a hole on two opposing sides. This hole will be used to thread your ribbon through... that is what will be securing the lid to your goodie box. There is no need to adhere the lid. Make sure that the hole is centered on both sides of the lid. Place the lid on top of the acetate and take an ultra thin marker (I used an ultra fine Sharpie) and place a dot on the acetate through each of the holes you just punched in the lid. Remove the lid and use your hole punch where you just marked on the acetate. All the holes should now line up perfectly.

Finally, fill your goodie box and thread your ribbon, first, through the acetate and then through the holes in the lid. Pull ribbon taut securing the lid and tie the end of the ribbon in a bow or a knot. This creates a nice handle if you want to hang a little goodie on a friend's door. Since the lid is not glued, it is easily removed to get to the goodies!!!
Have fun with this one!!! An easy little gift idea to help out with your holiday gift giving. And if anyone needs some extra help, I will be in the store on Saturday afternoon... feel free to drop by!!! :)
Have a great one, and I hope to see you soon.

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  1. Great design for those who have multiple small gifts to give. . .and about those 3X3 strips, they multiply like crazy. I'm for anything that will help use them up - LOL