Monday, January 3, 2011

Seriously....I Should Start My Resolutions Now???

The dawn of a new year always comes with New Year's Resolutions. I am calling mine personal goals for 2011. Trying to trick myself not to flub them since they are not resolutions. I know...playing mind tricks with myself may not be a good thing. Personal Goal #1: Loose the holiday 5 lbs as soon as possible. Thought I would share that I went to the gym today and am proud of myself for keeping up this goal (it is day three of the year you know).

Working up a sweat, people watching and feeling proud of myself. A man comes in and gets on the treadmill in the row in front of me. He catches my attention because he carries in his own personal fan. How much is he planning to sweat??? Why do I feel like a slacker all of a sudden. He turned off the tv on the treadmill, plugged in the fan and then took about three hand towels and cushioned the fan so it wouldn't make noise as he ran. I would have taken his picture but he looked way to serious for me to interrupt. Impressive and very goal oriented :) He may have sweated more than me but I am still on track baby.

Personal Goal #2: Improve the appearance of the store. And the wall comes tumbling down. The space between the Crop Room and the Classroom has officially opened up. Texturing is done. Next is paint, ceiling fans and more lights. Very excited to see it all come together.

By the time we celebrate Elvis' birthday this Saturday we will be looking pretty nifty. In fact, it will be nifty-fifties from Elvis' birthday (1/8/11) through the end of February as we celebrate the store's third anniversary. Which leads me to the next goal.

Personal Goal #3: Enjoy life. Enjoy my children, family and friends. I got a kick start with this goal sharing Christmas with my new grandson. It was his first Christmas and at seven months he enjoyed the lights, slowly ripping paper and then playing with the box.

Hard not to enjoy life when you are looking into these eyes.

Good luck to everyone in 2011. Happy New Year!


  1. I'm so excited to see the changes, Adriana! I'm really glad you are taking that wall down and opening things up. GREAT call!!! All the best to you (and your adorable store) in the new year! xo

  2. Can't wait to see what the classroom looks like. I bet it's HUGE!!! How wonderful that you are on track with your goals. HI-5 GIRL!!