Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anniversary Crop Night

Last night was a Friends & Family Crop with great friends that I have met through the store that are now family. The store has been a blessing in so many ways and this crop was wonderful, the perfect ladies having a perfectly good time. Hey! and we finished some projects too! But let me gush some more on my friends that celebrated with me. Lois and I are sporting baseball caps, we are comfy and both working on our cards. Lois is in our Card Exchange group and she always puts my card artwork to shame.
These two lovely ladies are Joye and Marcia. The are regulars on Wednesday afternoon and evenings. They are best of friends and the two of them absolutely make me laugh. I can always tell when Marcia is in a good mood because she is giving me grief. I like grief from means I am loved. They love me A LOT.
Cindy, Nicole and Jean were friends long before there was a PV. Now the three amigos share their friendship here and I am happy and proud to know all of them. Jean worked here for almost three years and continues to teach amazing classes here. Cindy is part of our PV Card Exchange. Nicole drives from the other side of the world (over an hour) to spend time here. Thank goodness she comes, she really helps Jean & Cindy stay in control. Cindy added her touch in putting together a Basic Grey card kit. Jean and Nicole made a calendar/notebook with Crate Paper Restoration line and Jean's Cinch machine.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that scrapbooking and paper crafting is about capturing memories and giving gifts that are handmade and made with love. What I love about cropping is that the flip side of this is doing your hobby with those you love. Above are three sets of mom-daughters and one pair of sisters. Making something WITH family can be just as much fun as giving a handmade gift to someone.
Holly worked here for the store's first year. She was here making a beautiful baby book and she is still stuck in the college years on her book of Holly. Celina has been shopping and taking classes here for almost a year. In fact, she will help Jean in teaching a class in April! Celina also is the only customer I have ever had that signed her husband and brother up for a card class with her.
This is Esther and Melody from our Card Exchange group. In an earlier photo we also saw Teresa from the Card Exchange. These ladies are sweet, talented and did I mention sweet. Esther and Melody knew each other before and met Teresa from the group. All three make simple, classic and beautiful cards. I could pick their work out of a card line up!

Here is a glimpse of some of the projects that were completed! I did miss some people. Gayl who is part of our Design Team and Sue (who works here) with her friend Darcy all left before I pulled out the camera. Gayl had her camera so I am sure she captured the night in her own way.

Thanks to everyone for the evening!! It was a blast. Hello 2011 and year four of business. The store, the staff team are all ready to kick a little retail butt this year! Thanks for sharing the ride!
Love & Blessings,


  1. Thanks for sharing all those wonderful pics! Looks like everyone was having a BLAST and creating up a storm!

  2. I had a great time and came away so inspired. Just like Arnold, "I'll be back". . .