Friday, May 20, 2011

ALERT!! ALERT!! Mom Bragging About To Begin

You have been warned! I am about to brag on one of my children. He had a project to make something to represent a verb in his Spanish class. He picked the verb CREER, which means to believe. He asked to go to my parents house last week and with my Dad's guidance he built this amazing cross out of wood. It is stunning.

When he brought it home he asked me to "Cricut" out the letters for creer and believe. Yes, my baby knows what a Cricut is and how to apply it's powers. He told me the size and font and wha-la they were cut out. He glued the letters on and made an incredible showcase. I am almost more proud of the concept as well as the workmanship that went into his project. It is good to see the creativity apple not fall to far from the tree.

OK...bragging time is over. How about a little work related information. Paper Vineyard's customers also love the Cricut and there are many different ways to learn and create projects with this tool. Here are some upcoming opportunities.
The Cricut Basics class on 6/5 from 1p-4p. The class fee is $20 and it will help you learn the basics of your machine while making a beautiful card.

Intermediate Cricut Class: Recipe Book, Potluch & Crop. 6/12 from 12p-5pm. Make a recipe book from scratch, potluck some food and fill your newly completed book with recipes of folks you are cropping with. Fee is $40.

Cricut Swarm is July 16th 9am to 9pm. One spot is $40 but if you want the whole table for yourself the fee is $50. Breakfast, dinner and prize drawings are all included. This is a 12-hour crop where EVERYONE brings their Cricut. Great way to share cartridges, tips and projects.

Photos and more details for all these classes and more are on our web site


  1. Yay! Mom bragging is always allowed - especially when it is your blog LOL! Hooray for your son's wonderful project. I love it when they call on our crafting skills for assistance - especially when they know what to ask for - it means they truly do pay attention to what we do! :o)

  2. Seriously... that really is SO cool!