Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day!!

So many solidiers have paid the ultimate sacrafice so we can be here today celebrating Memorial Day. In a lot of ways it is a bittersweet day. American history is not compelling to everyone. I have to admit I am one of those geeky people who enjoyed sitting with my Dad watching the History Channel. On Memorial Day and Veterans Day my childhood home watched all the war-time movies that played all day long. The drama and tragedy intrigues me. To not only understand the big picture history but the individual stories of those who gave there all is important to remember. Breathes life back into so many stories that are worth retelling.

Paper Vineyard was only open about four months when a lady came in with a scrapbook of photos, letters and newspaper clippings from her uncle while he served in the Pacific during WWII. The scrapbook was amazing and the women was working to preserve her family's history. I love it when people share their history, their joys and I am even a good one to hear a few sorrows.

On this bittersweet day enjoy the ones you love that are here with you and talk freely and joyously about those not with you.

Happy Memorial Day!

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