Sunday, July 31, 2011

Keep It Simple Sunday

Sunday is always a great day for reflection and quiet moments. This morning was the first time that my grandson spent the night and at about 5:30am he woke me up with laughter and baby talk. LOVED IT!! Upon reflection, I need to put together a baby bed for him. This is a photo of when he crashed last night. He falls asleep like his Tio Jon did. Plays and plays and plays and then you turn around and he is passed out. I am sitting in my chair reading the latest Scrap & Stamp Arts magazine and all of sudden silence and only tiny feet are visible.

Yesterday was a busy day. On July 29th our family actually celebrate FOUR different birthdays. Birthdays range between 8 to 80+. One of these birthdays is my nephew Ray. Ray's party was at the bowling alley where I never actually saw him bowl...saw a lot of video games though. He is posing with the hurry up and take the picture you annoying aunt grin.

For my keep it simple thought for the week we made some "Concentration Cards" this week. Punched out a bunch of shapes from scrap paper and then punched out circles from duplicate photos that I will never use. Then we glued them together making sure there was a matching pair. The actual time it spent to put together was about 30 minutes and it was a lot of fun. Threw the pieces in a sandwich bag and I have a game on the run that can provide a lot of peaceful game moments.
This simple game can also be done with stamp sets you have or take pictures that are specifically for the game. Like photos of your kids favorite toys, friends or places. I used up scrap paper and extra photos which is always a plus for me. Kids love things personalized and every time we play we get to talk about the cousin, siblings and grandparents in the photos. Keeping it simple is so rewarding!

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