Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holiday Card Class with Extra Joy

Jean has been teaching at Paper Vineyard since we opened our doors. Her card classes have always been successful and this month's will not be an exception!! You will be making two cards each of five different designs. Ten cards, baby! The theme is holiday cards made with joy. All five cards have a "joy" fold that make them unique, clever and adorable.
The first two cards are just in time for Halloween.

One card to share all your Thanksgiving well wishes in.

Two adorable Christmas cards.

Customers are always drawn to her cards because the finish products are adorable plus they are always fun to put together. Layers of paper, punches and embellishments complimented with a loveable (reuseable) format is fantastic.
Jean's Crafting Class Sat Sept 24th 1pm - 4pm
$25 for 10 Holiday Joy Cards

Since we all love and have had ample time to get to know Jean here is a Jean challenge. If you guess which one of these facts below is NOT true. PV will give you a $5 gift certificate to be used towards one of Jean's classes. The max winners is 2. Place your winning guess as a comment to this blog post.
Jean Facts:
1) Jean has lived in six different cities her entire life
2) Jean was very active in high school gymnastics
3) The first car she drove was a 1965 Suicide Door Thunderbird
4) Jean was born in Columbus Ohio
5) Jean had a bird named Petie when she was growing up

Good Luck!!


  1. Isn't there someone out there who can venture a guess? There are actually two false statements about me. Adriana only thinks there is one - because I mistakenly gave her false information.

  2. I'm going to guess that the statement "Jean has lived in six different cities her entire life" is incorrect! :o) Pam