Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kick Up Your Level of Crafty

With our new Grapevine Design department the store has the capability of providing you custom books, images and words. This is great if you want your children's names cut out of chipboard, or the name of cities that you visited this summer or a chipboard book with a specific family name.

This month we are introducing a book of a month. The first book is a Halloween book in the shape of a coffin. It is etched with a skull and cross bones. It has a front and back cover with two pages inside. Price is $14.99 and it is 11" x 6".

You can also order a 6x12 book made from wood with your family name or the title of your choice etched on the cover. The book comes pre-drilled with three holes and three rings. Retail price is $16.99 and this includes you customizing the cover with the words of your choice.

With in two business days we can deliver the words, images and books of your choice. This is also a great option if you want a bunch of shapes cut out for an invitation project you are working on.

New inventory also includes words for your wedding and baby pages/projects. These images are just a few of the new items available.

Tuesday's post included information on a friendly competition we have going on with books the PV Design Team created with our new books. Here is one more book to add to the competition. Gayl made this stunning Flashback book with our standard Plain Jane Square book.

Come in and vote by the end of the month. You just might win a groovy PV Product bag. I hope we have triggered your creativity juices, come in and I am sure we can provide some goodies that will absolutely take your projects to the next level.

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