Sunday, October 16, 2011

Playing Hooky!

I have to admit that in high school I was a nerdy goody two-shoes who just didn't cut class. This past Friday I did the grown up version of playing hooky and scheduled myself off of the calendar to spend a day crafting at my wonderful friend Jean's house.

I was suppose to be there at 10am until 9pm but life (those pesky responsibilities) always mess with a good plan. Arrived at 11:30am and left by 5:00 pm BUT had the most amazing and productive time. These wonderful ladies made my day special. Jean is on the left, new friend Loretta, Ms Lee and Cindy. Girlfriend laughter is one of my favorite things and it was a very good day. Not pictured is Nicole who left early to pick up her girls from school. Einstein that I am forgot to get a group shot before she left. However, I am mentally inserting her in this photo :)Did I mention productive.....look ma at what I made in one day! Three cards, two layouts, two cheesy mini-mini books and a small hanging picture. For anyone who tries to keep up with a blog I am gleeful on the inside with the ulterior motive of look how many blog postings I can get out of this! So make sure you act surprise if you see any of these goodies up close in later postings.

Jean was an amazing host and gave us all goody bags of product. We are all suppose to send her photos of a project we make with the goods. Plan on working on mine this afternoon.

Love the girlfriend day! Thanks for reading,

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  1. you go girl!! i was a hooky champ back int he day. need to remember those skills and do it again. could use the same kind of creative opportunity too. can't wait to see everything up close and personal