Tuesday, January 10, 2012

1st Sunday of 2012 - Crafty Corner

I had an excellent weekend. Ushered the new year in with time for a little crafting, something I didn't do enough of in 2011. So I dragged a tall sofa table and a stool from the kitchen and made a make shift Crafty Corner to indulge in a couple of hours of fun time right in front of the big TV. Here is my set up and supplies. In February the store will be celebrating its fourth anniversary so we are having a 12-hour crop with three projects. The plan is to spoil our croppers with some fun gifts when they arrive at the event. The traditional fourth anniversary is flowers so it is a "Flower Crop: Peace, Love & Creativity" So I am putting together a flower clothes pin decorative item. Using my Big Shot, a Sizzix die that cuts 1 1/4" circles, clothes pins, paint, foam brush and my hot glue gun. FYI, the white zinfandel and bit-o-honeys are optional.
I picked four complimentary fabrics at JoAnns and went to cutting out circles. I ended up making 20 clothes pin flowers in two hours and I could have done them all with one of the squares from JoAnns but I wanted to mix and match them up some.
Painted the top of the clothes pins. I did some of them purple and the other half a light pink. It was easier for me to paint them clipped on to a thin sheet of chipboard.
The only time I used very graphic adjectives was in attaching the circles with the glue gun. I folded the circle in half (applied a little glue) then folded in half again (added a little more glue). I glued them down to the clothes pin forming a little circle. For this project I would only trust it to my glue gun. This is because ultimately it holds the best and is the most cost effective then glue dots etc. The only problem is that it is HOT. You have to move quickly and just ignore the glue spider webs that are forming as you move through the circles as quickly as possible. You can sort of see the clump of glue building at the end of my nail. Price you pay for cuteness.
Most of them have six circles but some do have seven. I kept layering until I like how they looked. Here is the shot at the end of my two hours. I won't post the finished look because I want to surprise the ladies at the crop. Since Sunday I have already added magnet pieces to the back of the clothes pins. The finish products will have some bling, glitter and buttons to make the oohhs and aahhs official.

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