Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time Crunch

Just finished my to do list for the day and the list is a doozy. The store is preparing for the Quick Quotes Private Reserve and also for a Holiday Boutique plus normal weekend activities here at the store. Jean is teaching her Christmas Card class on Saturday & Sunday plus there is a PV crop this Saturday. Busy is fabulous and a little stressful!!

I wish I could incorporate other things on my list into my crafting/design time. Like merging going to the gym and crafting. That would save me at least an hour today. How ridiculous would I look if every time I stood up to reach for something I did 10 squats?? Or before I emboss I power-lift the heat gun 20 times above my head. Maybe even do 10 jumping jacks before I chalk anything. Just a thought.

Probably ridiculous would be an understatement of how I would look. My own employees and customers are likely to ask me to work alone in the classroom. Particularly when I start doing stomach crunches before I go out into the store and pick more paper.

Just thinking out loud . . .no worries though . . . I am headed to the gym.
See you at the store, Adriana

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