Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sassy Shimmerz Paints Are Here

Shimmerz are highly iridescent, quick drying waterbased paints that adhere to nearly any surfacy including glossy papers. Here are photos of us putting them on canvas, chipboard and flowers.

What is great about these products is that the application is so easy. With a paint brush you can control the amount of shimmer your project is going to get. No overspray or splotches. The product comes in "Blingz" that provides a glitter effect. "Pearlz" which adds a pearlescent sheen. "Shimmerz" which provides a metallic glow.

These products will add a sassy look to any of your projects!


  1. my 2 cents - they're acrylic based - quick dry time, no mess and less moisture than other shimmer products means less "warp". Love them on fabric, great way to individualize card stock. . .for better coverage on tags lightly sand before painting to add tooth. Bingz transparent with a hint of color ~ Pearls more opaque ~ spray - all over good!