Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where were you when the world stopped turning?

This is a pretty somber day. Prayers of love and support are abundant as we think of this day ten years ago. I was still working at Intel at the time. Had the tv on but on mute as I was on an early morning phone conferece. When the first plane hit all of us on the phone conference call started talking about it...a freak and sad accident.

During the conversation my five year old son came out of his room and crawled into my lap which was his habit to do in those days. I was cuddling him and watching the news only half listening to the call. Then the second plane hit, as all Americans watched you knew something very sinister was happening...before your eyes.

What is strange is the movie Red Dawn went through my head. A war on US soil...that is where my head went. My brain was spinning with the possibilities of what I am actually viewing live on television. I think my brain froze on I literally just watched people have their lives taken away. Unnecessary death. Broken and shattered families. I was crying. Didn't feel it start but I was crying.

As the news coverage becomes more intense and everyone starts to summarize and review what is happening I feel this little hand on my cheek. Jon whispers to me "don't cry mommy, godzilla didn't mean to do it." My innocent child thinks it is a godzilla movie, his brain is not capable of comprehending what he saw as an evil act. He is just a little kid comforting his mommy.

Today will be a day that America is united in comforting others, praying for those lost and praying for those left behind to grow, love and embrace one another.

Peace be with everyone today,

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