Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mini-Mini Cute-Cute Book

These mini-mini books are made from four coin envelopes glued together with the flap on the back of the envelope to the front of the next envelope. I used Zip Dry but really any adhesive will do.
I made both of these albums with in 45 minutes with three double sided paper, a couple of different punches and on the monkey one I used a sticker sheet. The coin envelopes are approximately 3" x 6" so you could technically put these togethers with two 12x2 patterned papers. I just did three because I like the paper and wanted the pages different.

These samples were done up with Reminisce monkey paper and Marikkesh from Creative Imagingations. For the tabs of the books I used my circle punch, decorated them up a bit and glued them so they were half way sticking out.

I already used the Monkey one as a shower gift. Used a glue dot to secure a gift card on the last page and gave to my cousin to load in baby pictures of her about to be delivered bundle of joy. She loved it!!

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