Friday, October 21, 2011

The Twilight Zone

This is my baby boy TJ (now currently 18) with his school photo in the 3rd grade at Humphrey Elementary. Simple layout showing off his big smile. He has always been super smart, great sense of humor and ...well we will call it an active mind. He is currently a senior at Perry High.

Enter the Twilight Zone... he has a job at Fry's Grocery store and now gets the pleasure of shopping with his mama so I can score the employee discount. On a totally side note, this makes me very very happy. We shop, talk, he fills me in on the inner workings of Fry's it really is a good time. We get to the register and I start unloading the groceries pretty much like I have done for the past 23 years. He stops me. He tells me to move out of the way because I am doing it wrong. I am so stunned I can not speak. He simply walks over tells me to move out of the way and begins doing it himself. I'm telling you...the Twilight Zone!

I whip out my blackberry to score some photographic evidence. Say a quick prayer of thanks and head home with my groceries. Two days later I am dropping him off at work and at the busy shopping center I do a double take because there are horses in the parking lot. Again, whip out the blackberry.

I am declaring the corner of Gilbert & Chandler Blvd a new Twilight Zone. One I plan to visit more often.

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