Friday, December 16, 2011

Home Decor Inspiration

Paper Vineyard has custom wood frames that are 24" x 24". They perfectly show off a 12 x 12 spot in the middle for your favorite scrapbook page. The frame was designed with a scrapbooker in mind as it is so easy to trade out the middle section with your current favorite page.The frames are $40 and come plain jane bare. This allows you to spend a little bit of time to make it your very own treasure. With normal acrylic paint we used a foam brush and turned the plain jane look into simple basic black. Most crafters have a stash of acrylic paint. The frame took two coats and approximately 45 minutes of painting and drying time. After the frame was dry, we used a stencil and another acrylic paint and added some accent flourishes on two of the corners. Again with the foam brush. The paint was left a little heavy on the edges that added some great dimension. Pulled the stencil straight up.

The finished product is very simple, clean lines but beautiful to display your artwork treasures.


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